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Recipe Ideas to Keep the Heat Outside

With the Tucson summer heat in full swing, how can we use our shares without heating up the house? Don’t panic, we’re on it! Our website recipe search has a wealth of recipe ideas for your summer share needs and more. The CSA share itself does most of the work for us with its fresh, delicious flavor. All we have to do is keep it simple and highlight what our farmers give us.

In addition to the farm fresh CSA veggies, we are fortunate to have Barrio Bread available during share pickup. This James Beard award winning baker has many different styles of bread offerings weekly. A loaf of bread goes a long way in this summer heat. Pair it with raw veggies, a cold soup or dip and you’ve got yourself a meal to write home about! Check in the shop each week to see what selection of tortillas we have available for more super simple meals.

Our selection of goat cheese from Fiore di Capra are also a great addition to your cool summer cooking. Toss goat cheese into a salad or soup, spread it on some fresh bread or put in on a grilled pizza for a thoroughly satisfying meal. It’s also a great time of year to keep a batch of hardboiled eggs on hand. Our delicious pasture raised eggs from Josh’s Foraging Fowls are another easy protein boost for last minute salads.

Here are some ‘keep the heat outside’ ideas from our online archive of CSA recipes:

Cold Soups


Munchies & Beyond

We encourage CSA members to share their go-to recipes with us! Many of the recipes on our website are from CSA members throughout the years. We hope you enjoy the freshness of summer veggies and keep cool while doing so!