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Local Producers

Our Partners

We partner with a variety of local producers for weekly shares and items in our CSA shop. Get to know your local producers below! Our Tuesday produce comes from Crooked Sky Farms and is Certified Naturally-Grown. Our Wednesday produce comes in part from Crooked Sky Farms and in part from Sleeping Frog Farm. To get an idea of what is in our produce shares, check our Harvests page.

Crooked Sky Farms

Phoenix & Duncan, Arizona


Crooked Sky Farms has been Tucson CSA’s primary producer since its inception in 2004. Farmer Frank and his dedicated team of skilled farmers, administrators, and truck drivers play an essential role in nourishing our CSA members with Certified Naturally Grown produce to this day.

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Sleeping Frog Farms

Cascabel, Arizona


Sleeping Frog Farms has been growing produce for Tucson CSA’s produce shares since 2015. Currently they provide about half of the produce in our Wednesday CSA shares and raw honey for our Shop.

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Barrio Bread

Tucson, Arizona


We offer bread shares and limited sales from Barrio Bread, a local bakery with a true passion for artisan bread making. The CSA has been partnering with Don Guerra, as a Community Supported Baker, since he started his ‘Garage Bakery’ in 2009.

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CPR Meats & Josh’s Foraging Fowls

Kansas Settlement, Arizona

Meat, Poultry & Eggs

The pastured (not to be confused with pasteurized) eggs from Josh’s Foraging Fowls that we sell at Tucson CSA are some of the best eggs you can buy. We believe that it’s important to source our meat from the best possible source, which is why we’ve been working with Josh at Chiricahua Pasture Raised Meats for so many years.

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Forbes Meat Co

Tucson, Arizona

Humanely Raised Meats

Since reestablishing Forbes Meat Co. a few years ago, Ben Forbes has been committed to working with animals that are locally and humanely raised. Ben is truly talented in his craft and we’re thrilled to be able to offer a selection of his frozen meats in the CSA Shop.

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Fiore di Capra

Pomerene, Arizona

Farmstead Artisan Goat Cheese

Fiore di Capra is a goat dairy farm and creamery located in Pomerene, about 60 minutes southeast of Tucson. Fiore di Capra produces a variety of goat milk cheeses, such as chevre, goat cheese spreads, and feta – all expertly made by farmer and cheesemaker Alethea Swift.

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Desert Pearl Mushrooms

Tucson, Arizona


Desert Pearl Mushrooms offers a selection of lion’s mane and oyster mushrooms that includes meaty black king oyster mushrooms, phoenix oyster mushrooms, blue oyster mush- rooms, and pink oyster mushrooms.

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Golden Rule Dairy

Elfrida, Arizona


Golden Rule is the quintessential dairy farm that industrialized milk producers pretend to be – and it’s right here in southern Arizona. We offer their raw milk, cream, and butter in our CSA Shop.

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Mano y Metate

Tucson, Arizona


Some of the best moles in Tucson are made by Amy Valdés Schwemm of Mano y Metate who has also been a Tucson CSA volunteer for over 10 years! We offer all of Amy’s moles in the CSA Shop.

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Black Mesa Ranch

Snowflake, Arizona

Goat Milk Chocolates & Candy

Black Mesa Ranch produces exquisite chocolate and candy made from the ranch’s goat milk cream and top-grade Belgian chocolate. We try to make them available from Thanksgiving to Valentine’s Day

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