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Fiore di Capra

Farmstead Artisan Goat Cheese

Pomerene, Arizona

Fiore di Capra is a goat dairy farm and creamery located in Pomerene, about 60 minutes southeast of Tucson. Fiore di Capra produces a variety of goat milk cheeses, such as chevre, goat cheese spreads, and feta – all expertly made by farmer and cheesemaker Alethea Swift.

Alethea Swift puts immense time, energy, and love into raising her herd and making delicious dairy products with their milk. After getting her first goats at the age of four, Alethea fell in love with the animals and learned how to properly raise them. She continued raising and showing goats throughout the course of her youth. In 1998, Alethea and her husband Michael started Fiore di Capra on a piece of land in Pomerene.

Most of the goats at Fiore di Capra are LaManchas, distinguished by their good nature and tiny ears. Although the products made from the goats’ milk help to sustain the business, Alethea considers them to be more like pets than livestock. It’s clear that the goats, who follow her around endlessly, feel similarly. In addition to bramble around the property, the goats eat a healthy diet of local alfalfa and are milked several times each day. 

Tucson CSA offers weekly and bi-weekly subscriptions of Fiore di Capra chévre logs, which come plain or rolled in herbs; smoked paprika; and chipotle. Depending on the season, you can also find a selection of goat cheese spreads and feta in the CSA Shop. 

Products We Offer

Goat Cheese Shares

We offer 3 cheese share options: Plain only, Plain and Herb (which rotates between plain and herb flavors), and Rotation (which rotates between all four flavors).

$5.50/week, or every other week for $6/week.

Add a Goat Cheese Share to Your Account


What if you forget or are unable to pick up your cheese share?

If you forget to pick up your cheese share on a given day, we freeze it for you for up to a month. After one month it gets donated.

A La Carte Sales

We sometimes have logs of chèvre and containers of feta available for purchase on a first-come, first-serve basis. Note: for best value, get a cheese share and save .50 cents to one dollar per log.

Find more info on their Instagram: Fiore di Capra