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We offer Barrio Bread as a weekly subscription and, when available, a la carte in our CSA Shop. To guarantee a loaf of Barrio Bread at your table each week, sign up for a Barrio Bread subscription at Tucson CSA. If you prefer, we often have a variety of different loaves for sale in the CSA Shop during pickup hours. 

Bread Shares

A bread share is an optional, additional pre-paid bread subscription. It costs $36 for 6 pickups or $72 for 12 pickups (that’s $6 per loaf). A bread share guarantees you a loaf at each pickup. You receive 3 types of sourdough bread, in rotation:

  • Pain au Levain
  • Whole Wheat Levain
  • Rustic 9-Grain
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Barrio Bread supplies various items in our CSA Shop:

– all which can be found in our CSA Shop weekly, based on availability.