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Barrio Bread


Tucson, Arizona

We offer bread shares and limited sales from Barrio Bread, a local bakery with a true passion for artisan bread making.

Don Guerra is the founder of Barrio Bread in Tucson, Arizona. An artisan baker and two-time semifinalist for the prestigious 2019 & 2020 James Beard Awards, Don creates breads that are considered a life-changing experience.  His company, Barrio Bread, founded in 2016, focuses on promoting regional heritage grains and the local food movement. Named one of the Top Ten Bakery’s in America by Food & Wine Magazine in 2021 and awarded the 2016 and 2018 Local Food Promotion Grant, Don has earned the reputation as an elite baker, educator, environmentalist, and promoter of community food networks.  A consultant to bakeries across the globe, as well as offering online classes to the public, he shares his 30 years of experience, while educating and promoting local grains, launching his own line Barrio Grains.  Continuing in his tradition for community partnership, he recently launched his latest project with award winning chef Carlotta Flores of Si Charro Restaurants to create Barrio Charro.   

The CSA has been partnering with Don, as a Community Supported Baker, since he started his ‘Garage Bakery’ in 2009. All of his bread is made from unbleached, unbromated organic flours, often locally grown, and contains no sugars, oils, or preservatives. 

To guarantee a loaf of Barrio Bread at your table each week, sign up for a Barrio Bread subscription at Tucson CSA. If that seems like too much, we often have a variety of different loaves for sale in the CSA Shop during pickup hours.  

Products We Offer

Bread Share

A bread share is an optional pre-paid bread subscription. It costs $42 for 6 pickups or $84 for 12 pickups (that’s $7 per loaf). A bread share guarantees you a loaf at each pickup. You receive 3 types of sourdough bread, in rotation:

  • Pain au Levain.
  • Rustic 9-Grain.
  • Whole Wheat Levain.
Add a Bread Share to your Account

Find more info on their website: Barrio Bread