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Bread Varieties

Pain au Levain & Whole Wheat Levain

Naturally leavened and created with unbleached flours and stone ground wheat, the Pain Au Levain boasts a crumb (interior) with complex structure and an incredibly crispy crust. A true standard of artisan bakers!

Rustic 9-Grain

This whole grain bread is prepared with a soaker of organic 9-grain coarse cereal mix. Naturally leavened and full of nutrients, the 9 Grain is delicious and wholesome.

Barrio Baguette

A crisp crust and a light open, irregular crumb due to a levain and baker’s yeast combination. Great for sandwiches, bruschetta, and brie, of course!

Pain Epi

A crisp crusted bread shaped into a wheat stalk. Just like the baguette, it is leavened with a wild yeast (levain) and baker’s yeast combination. Kids especially love this bread!

Pan Rustico

Created with mixed-leaven dough, this loaf is minimally handled to produce a rustic exterior and an open crumb. The Pan Rustico is perfect for picnics with cheese and tapenade.

Desert Durum

Long fermentation bread built with two locally grown organic durum flour and hard red spring wheat from BKW Farms. Golden brown colors, light texture with a natural nutty flavor. Great to enjoy with pasta and a glass of red wine.


Nature’s first and oldest wheat that has been made into a naturally leavened artisan loaf. This specialty organic whole grain bread contains 100% Einkorn flour. This grain contains high levels of protein, B vitamin levels and fatty acids. This is of the most digestible breads for those with gluten sensitivity.


A light Italian dough leavened with baker’s yeast and a wild yeast culture, this flatbread is brushed with olive oil and Italian herbs. Focaccia makes a fantastic sandwich base or slice to enjoy with salad or soup.


A traditional Guadalajara style crusty bread made with beer malt and lemon. Tasty when eaten fresh and available when we open in the morning.


The addition of Turkish apricots and sun-dried cranberries brings this Pan Levain bread to another dimension. It is a perfect snack that can be enjoyed anytime of the day. Add your favorite toppings on it or eat it alone, either way it’s another delicious naturally leavened bread.


Sun-dried cranberries and walnut halves folded into a Pain au levain dough. An exceptional breakfast bread!


This Barrio Bread signature loaf is created with a blend of locally grown, heritage flours. This special bread is widely recognized by the saguaro stencil and will beautifully enhance your table.


This bread is made from an ancient grain that is now grown locally. The Khorasan we use is an organic drought tolerant, heritage grain with a nutty flavor and excellent nutritional properties.

Rustic Olive

Created with a pain au levain base and loaded with ripe, rich Kalamata olives, this light, crispy loaf will add a Mediterranean flavor to any dinner. Wow!


Spelt is an ancient wheat varietal recognized for its many health benefits, being high in fiber, highly nutritious and highly digestible. It has a sweet and nutty flavor similar to whole wheat. This naturally leavened bread contains 70% organic spelt and 30% sifted organic wheat flour.

Super Seed Whole Wheat

Created with a naturally leavened wheat dough encrusted with sunflower, poppy, flax and sesame seeds, the Super Seed Whole Wheat is a fantastic loaf for morning toast or a base for your favorite sandwich.

Whole Wheat Sesame

A delicious version of the Barrio Bread signature loaf (Pain au Levain) rolled in sesame seeds. When toasted the aroma of the sesame seed oils will keep you coming back for more!

Red Fife

A historically old grain that has been around since the 1800s. This organic grain is red in color and will add a hearty flavor and lovely color to a salad or other recipes.