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Miscellaneous Grocery

We offer a variety of additional grocery items, from authentic mole spice blends to raw honey and dried beans. To check the availability of these items, please visit the CSA Shop.

Mano Y Metate

Mole Powders

  • Mole Dulce
    Mole Dulce is classic, smooth, and mildly spicy with four kinds of dark chiles and handmade Oaxacan chocolate.
  • Mole Verde
    Mole Verde is medium spicy with fire-roasted green chiles, cilantro, parsley, and epazote.
  • Adobo
    Adobo is spicy and bold with sesame seeds, cumin, and Mexican oregano.
  • Pipián Rojo
    Pipián Rojo has vibrant, mild red chile enriched with pumpkin seeds and almonds.
  • Pipián Picante
    Pipián Picante has vibrant, hot red chile enriched with pumpkin seeds and almonds.
  • Mole Negro
    Mole Negro has dark, hot, smoky chiles with a hint of cacao nibs. Made with sesame, walnuts, almonds and, most of all, local pecans.

Maiz Tucson


Fresh handmade corn tortillas made simply with heirloom corn and water.


veggie burgers

Varieties available currently: Black Bean, Hemp Breakfast Sausage.

Guru Broo

Bone Broth

Guru Broo bone broth begins with local pastured beef bones, which are combined with organic herbs and spices and simmered over low heat for 18 hours.

Cruz Farm

Honey & vegan flour tortillas

Raw, unfiltered honey harvested from the hives at Cruz Farm in Douglas, Arizona.

Cruz Farm’s wildflower honey is derived from desert flowering plants native to Arizona. Their wildflower honey flavor is mild and subtle with floral hints and various undertones unique to Arizona. Due to its small batch production, the flavor profile can vary season to season.

With their vegan tortilla recipe passed down for generations, they keep it simple: flour, vegetable shortening, baking powder, salt and water. No preservatives are added so make sure you refrigerate or freeze to enjoy later. Both Taco and Large sizes when available.

Crooked Sky Farms

Pinto Beans

Creamy pinto beans that are grown at Crooked Sky Farms and harvested every September.

Black Beans

Hardy black beans that are grown at Crooked Sky Farms and harvested every September.

Specialty Produce and Flowers

Throughout the year we offer specialty produce and fresh cut flowers from local producers such as Mission Garden, Aravaipa Orchard, Sleeping Frog Farms, Laurel’s Florals, and Crooked Sky Farms. Depending on the time of year, you might expect to find tomato flats, apples, peaches, figs, quince, grapes, bouquets, and more available for sale in the CSA Shop.