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Mano y Metate


Tucson, Arizona

Some of the best moles in Tucson are made by Amy Valdés Schwemm of Mano y Metate who has also been a Tucson CSA volunteer for over 15 years! We offer all of Amy’s moles in the CSA Shop. Amy makes her own moles from scratch. Here is what Amy says about her moles: 

“I grind fresh, whole spices, nuts, seeds, and chiles in small batches, so making moles, the celebrated Mexican sauces, in your kitchen is as easy as saute ́, simmer, and serve.  I hope you enjoy Mano Y Metate moles as much as my family and friends do. ¡Buen Provecho!” 

Once the delicious sauce is prepared it is typically served over meat or beans, or poured over enchiladas. At Tucson CSA we often use moles as a seasoning to vary the flavors of dishes. For example, just sauté a tablespoon of any mole powder in some olive oil before adding chopped onions and greens. Mole powders can be added to tomato sauces to give them a richer and more complex flavor. 

Products We Offer

Mole powders vary in spice level and seasonings

  • Mole Negro
  • Mole Dulce is dark from four kinds of chile and sweet from chocolate, raisins, and bananas. Mild.
  • Mole Verde features fire-roasted, hand-peeled green chiles, cilantro, parsley and epazote. Medium.
  • Pipian Rojo has vibrant red chile enriched with pumpkin seeds, almonds, and cinnamon. Mild.
  • Pipian Picante
  • Adobo starts with brick- red chile and sesame seeds, and is spiked with oregano. Medium-hot.

Find out more info on their website: Mano y Metate