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Cruz Farm

Honey, Vegan Flour Tortillas

Douglas, Arizona

Situated between the foothills of the sublime Chiricahua Mountains of Southern Arizona, Cruz Farm is a fourth-generation, family-run farm committed to natural and sustainable farming. They pride themselves on upholding ethical and humane standards that address the direct and indirect impact their work has on the environment.

Check out this Good Food Film that highlights CEO Gabriel Cruz and their work towards addressing the inequalities in farming.

Gabriel Alvin Cruz is an Agricultural Entrepreneur and owner of Cruz Farm and Founder of Finca Colibri, Experiential Farm located in Douglas, AZ. Graduate of University of Arizona with emphasis in Agricultural Economics, Spanish and Portuguese Literature. Gabriel has been working in the food industry, focusing on vertical integration, global supply chain, regenerative agriculture, and renewable energy. Gabriel’s passion for food and ability to understand global markets have given him a unique take on food systems and production. He currently manages his farm operation and works with rural communities focused on food resilience, inequity, and agricultural education.

Products We Offer

Honey & vegan flour tortillas

Raw, unfiltered honey harvested from the hives at Cruz Farm in Douglas, Arizona.

Cruz Farm’s wildflower honey is derived from desert flowering plants native to Arizona. Their wildflower honey flavor is mild and subtle with floral hints and various undertones unique to Arizona. Due to its small batch production, the flavor profile can vary season to season.

With their vegan tortilla recipe passed down for generations, they keep it simple: flour, vegetable shortening, baking powder, salt and water. No preservatives are added so make sure you refrigerate or freeze to enjoy later. Both Taco and Large sizes when available.

Find more info on their website: Cruz Farm