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Goat Cheese

We offer a variety of local goat cheeses from Fiore di Capra, where La Mancha goats live happy lives munching browse and making endearing bleating sounds. Goat cheese logs (chévre) are available as either a weekly or bi-weekly share, while specialty cheeses such as feta and flavored chévre spreads can be found in the CSA Shop.

Goat Cheese Shares

Fiore di Capra’s 4-oz logs of creamy goat cheese come in the following flavors: Plain, Herbed, Paprika, and Chipotle. Tucson CSA members have the option of subscribing to either a weekly ($5.50/share) or bi-weekly ($6/share) cheese share in the following options:

  • Plain
  • Plain/Herb: Rotation between plain and herbed chévre
  • Rotation: Rotation between plain, plain/herb, chipotle, and paprika
Learn how to add optional shares in our FAQ section

Chévre Spreads

Fiore di Capra’s chévre spreads come in a variety of delicious flavors, such as herbs de provence, green chile, and chive and garlic. They’re perfect for spreading onto crackers, sandwiches, and even veggies.


Fiore di Capra’s raw goat milk feta is tangy, salty, and creamy. Use it for sprinkling on salads, tacos, and almost anything else.