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Providing aid to CSA members in need


We launched our CS-Aid program in March of 2020 in direct response to the Covid-19 Pandemic with generous support from current members who started donating to make sure that others would not have to cancel their membership due to unforeseen financial hardship. We are happy to continue to offer support to help past, current and future CSA members who would not otherwise be able to join.

As a CSA member, you participate in a local food system. This focus requires us to shift from a recipe-based cooking style to one based on available ingredients. We re-learn what it means to eat according to the seasons. We also learn what can be grown in our desert environment. At the Tucson CSA, membership extends beyond just picking up your produce – we invite you into a community of support to help you navigate new vegetables and share ideas, recipes, and common values in local food. 

Our CS-Aid program stays true to our value of Food Equity by including all those who want to be a part of our community.

How it Works

The CSA offers 6-week subscriptions of locally grown produce. Each week, CSA members can expect to receive 7-8 different varieties of fruits and vegetables chosen by our farmers.

We offer the opportunity to apply for CS-Aid to assist those who want to be members for a 6-week session, whether for the first time or re-joining, but may have financial barriers at this time. If you are looking for local produce PLUS the educational and community resources to support you along the way, you are in the right place!

Please sign up by filling out this application for CS-Aid.

The CSA is now SNAP-approved!

As of July 2021, Tucson CSA will now accept EBT cards for SNAP approved purchases of produce and food products from our store! The process will be the same as any other check-out. We hope that we can continue to build upon our value of of food equity by reaching a broader audience through this endeavor and more outreach projects to come!