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How it Works

Providing a consistent end market

Community Supported Agriculture programs support local producers by providing them with a consistent end market. When members prepay for a subscription, they are pledging to support a local producer and share the rewards and risks of local farming.

At Tucson CSA, members have the choice to sign up for a 6 or 12-week non-refundable subscription of seasonal veggie shares (7-8 items weekly) from local farms. Members also have the option of adding shares of other items such as bread, mushrooms, goat cheese and/or sprouts, based on availability. Additional items are for sale in the CSA Shop weekly.

Members pay up front for a certain length of time during which they each pick up a share of fresh, locally grown, organic produce every week. It’s an efficient system–the farmer knows how much to plant and how much to harvest, so there’s no waste. -Philippe Waterinckx, Tucson CSA Founder

Sign Up

At Tucson CSA, members have the choice to sign up for a 6 or 12 week non-refundable subscription of seasonal veggie shares (7-8 items weekly) from local farms at $26/week.

Pick Up

Pick up your produce share, other optional additional shares (i.e. bread, goat cheese, mushrooms, sprouts) and other local items from our CSA Shop each week on your designated Tuesday or Wednesday pick-up day.

Eat & Cook Locally

Enjoy seasonal produce and other local foods from our CSA Shop, making use of our vast recipe page for guidance and inspiration!
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Terms of Agreement

As a member of the Tucson CSA, and from the moment I sign up online for a Tucson CSA share, I commit to share the rewards and risks of the farm’s harvests for the duration of my subscription.  I also agree that:

1) I must pay for six or twelve pickups in advance at $26/week, and my payment is non-refundable and does not guarantee me an exact amount of produce at each pick-up;

2) I am responsible for picking up my share(s) between 4:00 and 7:00 pm on my scheduled pick-up days. If not picked up, my share(s) will be donated to charity at the end of the pick-up day;

3) the cost of my share(s) will be charged to my CSA account after each of my scheduled pick-up days;

4) I must place any Delivery Holds and make any Subscription Changes before midnight Friday if they are to take effect the following week;

5) I may not claim refunds or credits for missed scheduled pick-ups;

6) if I select the Recurring E-Check form of payment (Autopay)* my subscription will be renewed and I will be automatically charged when my CSA account balance drops below $26.

* You can email us at any time to have your Autopay option turned off.

Pick Up Procedure

There are up to 6 stops which you may go through when you pick up your veggies:

  1. Check-In: where you check in with a volunteer who will check your name off of our sign in list and remind you of any optional shares you need to pick up that week.
  2. The Produce Line: where you collect your produce share. Bring your own bag! You can now pick up your own produce again! We still are pre-packing a minimum number of produce shares. Choose with your eyes first, and your hands second to limit excessive handling of delicate produce and please avoid the temptation to dig through bins. Producers try their hardest to ensure that bunches, bags and pieces are of a similar size and quality and volunteers monitor the bins to cull anything damaged. If you do grab something subpar that we missed, please hand it to one of the volunteers so we can take it out of circulation and you can get a different item.
  3. The Optional Share Line: where you collect any of the optional shares you have added to your membership. Please let the volunteer know all the items you will be collecting that day, as we have separate lists for each optional share item 
  4. The CSA shop: where you can add payments to your share and buy additional local seasonal goods (eggs, cheese, meats, etc.). We are currently only accepting checks, credit cards and Apple Pay at the CSA shop.
  5. The Trading Table: You cannot trade produce at the produce line but you can trade it at the Trading Table.  You can trade one or more produce portions from your produce share with portions that are in the trading baskets. Please trade whole portions, not partial portions.  A portion is the amount of any produce that you are supposed to take that week (e.g. if there are 3 oranges in your share on a given week, you must trade all 3 oranges – not just 1 or 2, with a full portion of another produce item that is on the Trading Table.)
  6. The Surplus Bench: If you don’t want something that is in your share and there is nothing interesting to trade it with at the Trading Table, simply leave it on the Surplus Bench for another member’s enjoyment.  Unlike the items in the trading baskets, surplus items are free for the taking (within reason) and may include farm extras, leftovers from a previous pickup, surplus from members’ gardens, and unwanted items from members’ shares.