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Guru Broo

Bone Broth

Tucson, Arizona

Guru Broo Bone Broth is just one of many thoughtful projects to come from certified integrative health and nutrition coach, Jennifer Walsh. Jennifer is a woman of many trades. From her passion for Capoeira – as a nationally top ranking Capoeirista – to sustainable lifestyle and wellness coaching, Jennifer has taken her knowledge of sustainability and maximizing athletic performance to integrate Guru Broo into both mediums.

Jennifer first started thinking about integrating bone broth into her diet when she wanted to figure out how to maximize her performance and active recovery in her athletic pursuits. She discovered that bone broth is an “electrolyte package” and now refers to it as the “gatorade of athletes”. As well as the athletic benefits of bone broth, it is full of amino acids and minerals that aid gut health, skin health and joint health.

Jennifer Walsh, founder of Guru Broo

Following in line with her sustainable lifestyle and coaching, Jennifer uses beef bones from Tucson CSA to make her broth. Raising awareness for making more conscientious choices in food sourcing is something Jennifer continues to educate her clients about. Jennifer states that there are simple steps that can be taken to start thinking more sustainably when shopping for food such as looking at fruit labels to determine the one that was grown closer to home.

Jennifer currently lives off the grid southwest of Tucson in the Sierrita Mountains. She strives to take a proactive approach to “taking care of community with our choices and living in harmony with nature”. Jennifer teaches a variety of classes and workshops like Breath + Body and UNPROCESSED; all are open to anyone and can be found on her website. Guru Broo bone broth is available weekly at Tucson CSA shop during share pick up.

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