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October 10, 2022

We welcome you to join the Tucson CSA community in honoring the life and legacy of Philippe Waterinckx. While Philippe passed on from this life on June 10, 2022, we are taking the week of All Souls and the Procession as an opportunity to come together to commemorate our dear friend and CSA founder. On… Read more »

Eliminating Food Waste

October 3, 2022

Sadly, food insecurity is something that many people in our community, nation, and around the globe experience…and yet, too often it is not about the quantity of food available, but rather about the poor distribution, access, and waste of food that is to blame. Last week, September 29th, was recognized as “International Day of Food… Read more »

Barrio Bread ~ Price Update

September 24, 2022

No doubt that you have noticed that the cost of almost everything has gone up with inflation soaring due to a number of reasons. We work hard to keep prices as fair and stable as possible at Tucson CSA. And we also work to understand the reasons behind cost increases – or rather, the needs… Read more »

New Roots Farm Program

September 19, 2022

You may have known about our long-standing partnership with Iskashitaa Refugee Network – often seen in the “excess” citrus that we have for donation or purchase during the winter/spring months. Now we are excited to also partner with a separate entity that supports refugee families. This week we’ll be offering extra okra and banana sweet… Read more »

Seasonal Changes

September 12, 2022

Did you notice it’s getting darker earlier in the evening? That the mornings are, if not quite crisp, at least refreshing. This time of year in the Sonoran desert can feel more like an extension of summer than an abrupt change to fall. It’s fun meeting members and volunteers who are still adjusting to life… Read more »

CSA Lending Library – Free & for you!

August 22, 2022

When it is not too hot to linger or raining, you may have seen a small selection of Tucson CSA’s “Lending Library” out during pick-ups . We are excited to introduce our new members, and re-introduce our on-going members, to this great resource that is free and just for you! The Tucson CSA Food Literature… Read more »

Flower Bouquets for Sale!

August 5, 2022

Support our newest farm, Common Ground Farm Collective, by treating yourself to some lovely flowers this week!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

July 25, 2022

Is your stack of egg cartons getting tall? If you’re like me you leave your egg cartons and pint basket by your keys as a helpful reminder to return them to the CSA… and then forget them several weeks in a row until the pile is too big to ignore. Remember, we have a crate… Read more »

News from our farms & New farms!

Farming has its challenges everywhere…but in the desert in the summertime, it is a wonder that we are still getting the delicious produce and goods we do! The rain is nice, but with it comes the weeds and the humidity, and even hail damage! We have some news from various farms and producers to share… Read more »