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Happy Winter Solstice

Another year is coming to an end, and we are reflecting on our 18 years of food, friends and community here at the Tucson CSA. This year was bittersweet: processing the loss of our friend and founder Philippe Waterinckx while reflecting on his legacy and the community he fostered. Things have changed so much since the early days of picking up on Philippe’s porch, but the spirit has remained the same. We want to thank all of our volunteers and members, old and new, for showing up, being a part of this amazing community, and helping that spirit live on.

This year, for the first time, we were able to offer SNAP CSA produce shares. We have continued our relationship with Imago Dei Middle School and Tucson Food Share to help address food equity and make local food available to more Tucsonans. We were excited to integrate produce from Common Ground Farm and Westover Farm in our shares this year and are glad that Tucson has more new farmers entering the market. In 2023, we look forward to strengthening these relationships.

In January, as days start getting longer again we’ll see a seasonal shift in our shares with winter vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage plus beets, carrots and more varieties of greens in our shares. The winter season is a particularly abundant time of year here in the desert and we love watching members walk out with bags brimming with greens. (Remember, you can use our Greens Guide for help!)

We’ll be taking the last week of 2022 and the first week of 2023 off at the CSA. We look forward to seeing everyone again in January! Happy solstice and a merry holiday season to everyone!