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Yardlong Beans (AKA Dow Gauk, Sasage, Asparagus Bean)

June 21, 2021

Known as dow gauk in China, sasage in Japan, and either yardlong or asparagus bean in England and the US, this close relative of southern peas (think black-eyed peas, purple hull peas, and crowder peas) grows well in the summer heat. Yardlong beans grow quickly and can grow up to three feet long but are… Read more »

An Introduction to Food Justice

Editor’s Note: We spent the first half of 2021 exploring the roles that race, social revolution, food sovereignty, and food justice play in our food system through a pilot program we called the Food Justice Book Club. Led by CSA member, former librarian, and book indexer Amron Gravett, we read and discussed three incredible books… Read more »

Summer Break 2021 – No CSA on July 6 or 7

June 12, 2021

As a reminder, there will be no CSA pick-up on July 6 or July 7 for our 2021 Summer Break. You will NOT need to put your share on hold – we will take care of that. You will NOT be charged for your membership on that week, either. Please be sure to stock up… Read more »

Mano y Metate

Moles (pronounce MÓ-less) are to Mexico what curry powders are to India. Mole is a generic term attributed to a number of spice mixes which generally use chili peppers as the main ingredient, along with herbs, nuts, fruits and other ingredients. Some moles contain 20 or more ingredients! Ingredients are typically roasted and/or dried and… Read more »

Introducing Our New Website!

After 14 years, we’ve updated our website to be more modern, mobile friendly, and reflective of the work we do in the community – and we couldn’t be more excited! The URL ( is the same, and you’ll notice that your favorite features, like the weekly harvest list, newsletter articles, and recipes are more visible… Read more »

Vacation Holds, the Trading Table, and More

As summer vacations approach and we reintroduce many of our pre-COVID elements, like the trading table, we figured it might be helpful to have an overview of their intricacies. Many of these perks make being a CSA member easier and more enjoyable, but they need to be used properly in order to work. It’s always… Read more »

Dennis Hudson Reclaims the Family Farm

June 2, 2021

by Farmer Frank Martin  Dennis Hudson was excited to show me his new well. “They just finished it,” he said, grinning.  The water was already flowing into the desert when Dennis showed me his new well. The water wasn’t going anywhere in particular, just out to an open desert. The dry ground popped as thewater… Read more »

Camp Cooking with Local Food

By Shelby Thompson It’s universally accepted that food tastes better outside, which is one of the many reasons I love camp cooking. Planning each and every meal – from your morning coffee to the non-negotiable campfire s’mores – is rewarding and also a bit daunting. With some foresight, planning, and flexibility, you can incorporate the… Read more »

Surplus Basket is Back!

April 23, 2021

Have you noticed that surplus is back at the CSA? This is usually stocked with produce we have left over from the previous pickup. You’re welcome to take from it and/or leave something behind for the next person!