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Secondhand Plants Pop-Up

Secondhand Plants is a gardening and plant salvage project tended by Marina. She hosts monthly yard sales at different locations in Tucson and practices ongoing plant rehab & recycling projects. It started with a surplus of agave pups, cactus pads, & spider plant babies. Propagating and salvaging plants to share is one of the joys of gardening, plus it’s fun to repurpose nursery pots and other materials! All Secondhand Plants are ethically harvested from home, friends, trash piles, or grown from seed, and all are potted in recycled containers.

At the Tucson CSA pickups on July 13th & 14th, Secondhand Plants will have a variety of small cactus, agaves, succulents, and houseplants for sale. Some varieties include: purple heart, mother of thousands, stapelia (starfish plant), bunny ear cactus, paperspine cactus, spruce cone cholla, unique aloes, semi-hydro spider plants, and a few pepper, tomato, and basil starts sprouted from Native Seeds/SEARCH. There will also be a few larger specimens of weber and queen victoria agave, elephant food, and quimilo prickly pear. Come give a plant its forever home!

Prices range from $4-10 for smaller plants and $10-25 for larger plants. Payment via cash/venmo/paypal/credit. 

Follow @secondhand.plants on Instagram, DM with questions, or email