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Barrio Bread ~ Price Update

No doubt that you have noticed that the cost of almost everything has gone up with inflation soaring due to a number of reasons. We work hard to keep prices as fair and stable as possible at Tucson CSA. And we also work to understand the reasons behind cost increases – or rather, the needs and the challenges our local producers are facing. By sharing that information with you, our members, we hope to together support them and our local economy. 

On a national (and international) level, the main reasons have to do with rising costs across supply chains, market volatility, and climate change. In the case of flour, the megadrought in the West is also contributing to rising costs of bread on the shelves at the grocery store. 

Fortunately for us, Barrio Bread is committed to doing what it takes to make sure our local farmers can be sustainable. They have been contracting with local farmers for years. “Everything is going up in costs,” says Don Guerra, owner of Barrio Bread. “But without supporting farmers, we don’t have bread,” 

Farmers are stressed by the lack of labor, as we have learned from many of our local producers. However, Don has stabilized his reduced staff and is passionate about moving to have better wages for his employees and his producers. 

What does this mean for Tucson CSA? All of Don’s bread prices regardless of where you find it have now increased by $0.50. That fifty cent increase already showed up in The CSA Shop this past week. 

For our members with Bread Shares, you will see that $0.50 increase begin for you after October 1st. Please note that this will change your 6-week subscription by $3. Be aware that your account balance will drain a little faster than usual and your next payment will be due earlier than anticipated. When your next payment processes it will include the updated amount for your bread share.

By supporting Barrio Bread, we are part of a larger local grain movement – from seed to consumer – and ensuring that local farmers, local grains, and our local economy are sustainable. 

We hope to report on more exciting news coming for “Barrio Grains” in the near future – as Don and others work to secure the source of local grains in our community beyond Barrio Bread.