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Eliminating Food Waste

Sadly, food insecurity is something that many people in our community, nation, and around the globe experience…and yet, too often it is not about the quantity of food available, but rather about the poor distribution, access, and waste of food that is to blame.

Last week, September 29th, was recognized as “International Day of Food Loss and Waste” for the 3rd year by the United Nations.

Nationally, a bill has been introduced to both Congress and the House to amend the Emerson Act to expand and clarify existing liability protections for food donation. Find out more and ways to help, such as signing a petition on

In Tucson, there are many resources that help to eliminate food waste – such as Iskashitaa Refugee Network that works to glean food (i.e. the citrus we have available much of the year for donation in our courtyard) or Tucson Food Share that collects and redistributes food that may otherwise end up in the waste stream. Another great resource is Produce on Wheels who just released their 2022 calendar of dates and locations where anyone without any documentation needed can pick up as much as 70 lbs of rescued produce for a donation of $15 or more. Check out our Food Security Resources page for more great ways that our community works to eliminate waste.

Here at Tucson CSA, we pass along excess produce weekly to both Tucson Food Share and to Imago Dei Middle School’s Family Pantry. Even though we did not get repeat grant funding to continue the project with the school, we are committed to getting quality produce to their families and even doing some local food and nutrition lessons with students in collaboration with a local non-profit, Beyond.

YOU can support others in a number of ways through Tucson CSA – such as bringing canned food items the first week of each month or donating to our CS-Aid fund through your share or at our CSA Shop. Every bit counts towards a more food secure community.