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Golden Rule Dairy update

Maybe you are a regular consumer of the Raw Milk that we sell at the CSA Shop…or maybe you are a past consumer of their rich Raw Cream and Raw Butter.

I say “past” because Golden Rule Dairy is no longer selling its cream or butter. They had to make the difficult “growth” decision to prioritize milk production and sales to keep up with demand from consumers – both human and their animals – which has not left enough for making cream or butter.

However, YOU can access cream (just skim from the top few inches!) and MAKE BUTTER from their Raw Milk that we still sell.

Check out this easy recipe for making raw butter from raw cow milk, or find your own just about anywhere on the internet!

If you are interested in making cheeses, yogurt or other milk-based creations, recipes can be found on Golden Rule Dairy’s website, as well.

And that yummy granola that we have been selling for weeks now in 3 flavors – Butter Pecan, Walnut Almond Butter (vegan), or Healthy Unsweetened Granola – is from the same family farm, so you can imagine how tasty it is with their very own raw milk. Try some out!