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Flower Bouquets for Sale!

Were you a lucky one who got some beautiful flowers as an option in their share these past weeks? We only had a limited few so we want to make the option of adding more color into your day and home open to everyone in the coming weeks.

Common Ground Farm Collective (CGFC) is now offering unique flower bouquets at the Tucson CSA store! Small bouquets for $6, and larger bouquets for $10. They’re comprised of an authentic mix of cut flowers: zinnias and pincushion flowers, with aromatic, tasty food flowers: fennel and basil flowers.

These flowers are attracting pollinators to their vegetables and adding beautiful colors and biodiversity to their veggie-dominated field. Each bouquet will last one week or so with fresh water in your home.

Since they are largely vegetable growers, they are very new to flowers but Farmer Dan (co-owner of CGFC) has taken a special interest in flowers as a new, fun learning experience— and a valuable revenue stream for the farm! So they’ll be increasing and diversifying flower production this fall for abundant blooms early next spring!

Support our newest farm by treating yourself to some lovely flowers this week!