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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Is your stack of egg cartons getting tall? If you’re like me you leave your egg cartons and pint basket by your keys as a helpful reminder to return them to the CSA… and then forget them several weeks in a row until the pile is too big to ignore. Remember, we have a crate located by our sign in table where you can return egg cartons and plastic produce pint baskets each week. Our producers do appreciate getting these items back and reusing them keeps them out of the waste stream longer. You can bring any clean cardboard egg cartons to the CSA. We send local containers back to the producers and donate the rest to backyard growers. Dirty or damaged cartons are sent to Inch by Inch Worm Castings facility where they provide bedding for the worms. We also return the green plastic pint baskets to our farmers. You can leave them behind when you pick up or bring them back the next week…if you can remember!