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About Tomatillos

Tomatillos are a delicious vegetable similar in shape and size to a tomato, but more closely related to the gooseberry. They have a tangy taste and are classics in Mexican food, but are
excellent in a wide range of dishes. To use your tomatillos, you will first need to remove their papery husks. They also have a sticky residue on their skin that is easily removed by dunking them in water. Tomatillos are often used in sauces.

Grilling or skillet roasting whole tomatillos gives a smoky depth to their flavor. Just cook them over medium high heat, turning occasionally, until they are mostly brown (some black charred spots are fine). Grilled tomatillos and green onions make a delicious sauce, blended together with a little salt,
pepper, limejuice and cilantro!