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Roasted Squash and Garlic Enchiladas

This is the easiest and tastiest enchilada filling ever! You can use this filling in any number of ways. It is great as a layer in a lasagna, or stuffed in a filo dough pie. You could add cheese but it is incredibly rich as it is. Also, the mashed squash, diluted with water or wine, makes an excellent pasta or pizza sauce!


1 winter squash

1 whole head garlic

1 tablespoon oil plus enough to coat baking pan and vegetables salt and pepper to taste


Cut squash in half and scoop out seeds. Oil a baking pan well then coat inside of squash and entire bulb of garlic with plenty of oil. Lay squash cut side down in pan with garlic and bake for about 40 minutes at 350 degrees. When flesh is tender, remove it from the skin by scraping out with a spoon, and place in a bowl. Cut the top off of the bulb of garlic and squeeze insides into bowl. Add oil and salt and pepper and mix well. Roll filling in corn tortillas and top with red enchilada sauce, homemade green chili sauce, or a mole. Sprinkle with cheese if using and bake for 20 minutes or cover and freeze for an easy dinner in the future.

(Editor’s Note: You can bake the squash whole and then it is much easier to cut the squash and remove the seeds. Continue with recipe as written.)

Submitted by Sara Jones, Tucson CSA