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Orange Veggie Ravioli with Brown Butter Sage Sauce

Ravioli take some work, but you can make a large batch and freeze them. It’s no work at all to pull them out of the freezer at a later date! I’ve always used parmesan, but I think the CSA goat cheese would be lovely here. This is a very elegant way to use your squashes, pumpkins or sweet potatoes. Depending on how much filling you use for each ravioli and how large they are, this recipe makes 25-50 ravioli. “Love how Josh’s eggs color the pasta!”


Filling – combine the following:

1/2 cup cooked and mashed winter squash, sweet potato, pumpkin

1/2 cup grated parmesan (or you could try the CSA goat cheese!)

1 egg, beaten

Salt and pepper to taste

Pasta 6 -12 oz. pasta dough OR 25-50 pre-made wonton wrappers (amount needed varies depending on how full you stuff your pasta!)

Sauce (per person)

1-2 teaspoon butter

3-5 sage leaves


Roll, fill and cut the stuffed pasta as you desire. Freeze extra on floured cookie sheet and once frozen, transfer to a plastic bag to store. For the sauce, simply put butter and sage leaves in a small sauce pan and heat over medium heat until the butter turns golden brown and the sage leaves are crispy. Boil the ravioli gently in salted water until done. Drain well and arrange on serving platter or individual plates. Drizzle brown butter over ravioli and garnish with the crisp sage leaves and extra grated parmesan if desired!

Submitted by Paula Redinger, Tucson CSA