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Barrio Blend Flour

The Barrio Blend flour contains fresh milled, whole grain Hard Red Spring and a sifted organic bread flour. This is the blend I use to make the Heritage loaves and is a superb choice for all styles of hearty whole grain breads. It can also be adapted to make a variety of whole wheat baked goods, all while supporting the local grain economy!

Sonoran Blend Flour

The Sonoran Blend flour contains milled organic White Sonoran, Hard Red Spring and Red Fife grains for a versatile flour. If you want to raise the nutrition of your favorite baked goods, use it as a replacement flour in recipes for rolls, flatbreads, muffins, quick breads, cookies and bars. You’ll be amazed at the delicious results!

Barrio Pizza Blend 

A perfect mix of sifted and whole grain organic flours to produce that crisp, chewy crust every pizza deserves.