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Looking ahead to Summer

Tucson CSA Summer Break – June 23rd – July 13th – 3 weeks of NO CSA pick-ups

It might seem strange to think about summer when it is chilly and rainy for these few days – the last of winter, or just a proper spring?! – but that is exactly what our farmers need to do.

Our farmers have to plan ahead MONTHS in advance to make sure they are ordering seed, germinating and fostering young plants, preparing the soils, and then planting in time with the seasons to maximize the harvest that we all get to enjoy. Season after season.

Tucson CSA now works with over 6 farmers each week to complete the shares you take home. With that comes some overlap of what they offer, but also variability in their seasons since some are in higher altitude (i.e. Cascabel, Duncan) and others in warmer, lower areas (i.e. Tucson, Phoenix).

Given the higher temperatures of our summers here in the Sonoran Desert, a few of our farmers have decided NOT to farm for the summer season. We honor and respect their decisions as a CSA (community-supported agriculture), and at the same time are working with our other farms to see that they can increase production to help us bridge the gap.

That said, Tucson CSA will be taking a THREE-WEEK BREAK for Summer 2024 to accommodate these changes and what our farms have available for you. Of course, this also helps to address the inevitable fluctuation in member numbers as you all get out on your own vacations, and the difficulty we face in managing the CSA (and asking volunteers to do so) in the hottest days of our year.

So if you haven’t planned your escape from the heat yet, why not time it with ours so you don’t miss any of the yummy summer veggies, stone fruit and melons that we will have coming your way!

Tucson CSA Summer Break – June 23rd – July 13th – 3 weeks of NO CSA pick-ups

No pick-ups: June 25/26, July 2/3, or July 9/10