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Raison Pan Thanksgiving Pop Up Sale

The CSA has invited Raison Pan for a Thanksgiving Pop Up bread sale this week. Rasion Pan is a start-up sourdough home bakery located in the tiny kitchen of baker and university professor, Kaitlin Porter Cortes. Their mission is to promote mindful consumption that starts with an accessible way to eat healthy, nutritious, local, sustainable sustenance. The idea for raison pan was birthed from a passion for bread, fermentation, healthy eating, and tasty experiments. Each batch of dough is hand mixed with three ingredients: local heritage grain flour, water, and salt, using a wild levain (sourdough starter: flour + water + time [dating back to January 4, 2022]) in a long-fermentation process. They do not use any commercial yeasts, preservatives, or processed ingredients, and all of their products are vegan-friendly and toddler-approved. For the pop up sale Kaitlin will be bringing mini sandwich-style loafs. These loafs are perfect for toasts, sandwiches, or (for Thanksgiving) a “sliced bun” accompaniment to Thanksgiving fare. There will also be three “spread” toppings available: chocolate “nutella” spread, oat&date butter, and pepita dukkah seasoning. These spreads are refined-sugar free, vegan, and use local and/or organic ingredients only. Grab a loaf for your holiday celebration!