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Mesquite Honey added to CSA Shop

We are excited to introduce a “new” product and vendor to our CSA Shop. This is a “creamy” honey sold in 32oz jars only, for now.

William Fitz has been keeping bees for over 15 years. He originally became interested in beekeeping while working with the USDA Honey bee research lab in Tucson, AZ. Now he owns and manages several hundred colonies of honey bees at the San Xavier Farm in Tucson, AZ. His bees make local mesquite and alfalfa honey dependent upon the time of year and he takes his bees to pollinate almond trees in California each February and March.  

The Honey is Raw unfiltered Mesquite honey produced this spring by hives at the San Xavier Farm. Raw mesquite honey naturally crystalizes and has a mild, sweet, and floral taste.