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Volunteer Spotlight – Stefanie Lukomski

Have you always called Tucson home?

I wish…My husband and I moved our 3 boys here in May of 2020 from Wisconsin. We lived in Wisconsin our whole lives. My dad retired to Tucson a few years back and after coming to visit for Christmas in 2018, and realizing the kids could play outside all year round here, we decided we wanted to make the move. I love the dry heat and the mountains are home to me.

The fam-Tom, Miles, Trey and Van

When did you start volunteering with the CSA?

I reached out to the CSA to see if they needed volunteers in January 2021. I was totally clueless about how the CSA worked here. In Wisconsin, I had volunteered at a CSA, which meant getting up at the crack of dawn to get in the fields and plant, harvest, weed, and all the fun that happens on a farm. I love volunteering at Tucson CSA because I get to meet so many awesome people that appreciate good food.

Cats or dogs?

Cats! I have been called a cat lady once or twice. Don’t worry, I have it under control…

What would we find you doing when you’re not at the CSA?

So many things. Other than driving my kids to swim and bike practice every afternoon (and sometimes at 4:30am), I have a garden plot in our neighborhood community garden that I’m really excited about. This is my first time having the plot for this season and I’m thrilled by how lush it is! I also picked up swimming again (something I competed at my whole childhood and then took a 20 year hiatus), which I love and am so grateful for being able to swim outdoors all year round. My oldest son and I travel some weekends for swim meets, he swims, I officiate, and we enjoy finding unassuming but topnotch local restaurants. We are foodies of sorts and have had some amazing Thai, Portuguese and Napoli most recently. On weekends, we like to play different strategy and deck building games of which most recently we’ve been really into Dominion and Wingspan.

Oro Valley Aquatic Center has the best swim meet views

What is the best thing you have cooked recently?

My favorite thing I have cooked recently is eggrolls! I’m obsessed! This goes along with my new found love of cabbage. Eggrolls are great because they use cabbage, carrots and optional celery, which we all know we’ve been getting a lot of. I make a huge batch, chow down, and then freeze the rest for a quick snack or lunch.

What are you looking forward to?

Being able to sleep in during my kids summer break :). We are headed to Rocky Point for a long weekend in June. We’ve never been but it looks beautiful and relaxing and my kids have never swam in the ocean so I’m really excited. I also get to go to Oregon with my oldest son for a swim meet in July. I’ve never been to the Pacific Northwest and I’ve been told I would love it, so I can’t wait! In August, my husband and I always fly back to Wisconsin for the best beer festival ever, it’s our favorite time of year.

Stefanie and Miles at a Milwaukee Brewers spring training game during a swim meet session break