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Volunteer Spotlight – Kelli Lycke

Have you always called Tucson home?

I moved to Tucson in the summer of 2018 when I started my doctoral program at the UofA. I am originally from Kansas City, but I moved here from Albuquerque. I’ve moved a lot in my life; I have also lived in Monterrey, CA, Fayetteville, NC, Bogota CO, and Nocona TX.

This is a picture from when I lived in Colombia

When did you start volunteering with the CSA?

I started volunteering in March 2020, at the beginning of the pandemic. I was a Watershed member, and I first met Sara, Daniela, and Shelby when the Watershed location was closed for staffing reasons. I hoped volunteering would give me a sense of community. It did!

Cats or dogs?

I have two pit mixes. Peaches (10 years old) and Bruce (3.5 years old). I got Peaches 8 years ago, when my friend rescued her from the freeway in Georgia. Since then, she’s gone with me everywhere. We adopted Bruce from PACC in 2020, when my partner decided HE wanted a dog too. While Peaches is very serious, Bruce is as ridiculous as his ears.

What would we find you doing when you’re not at the CSA?

I love sewing, dancing, and hanging out with my dogs! In particular I love quilting, If you see me at CSA, ask me about my latest quilting project. For dancing, I like cumbia, salsa, and bachata. Amy and I have recently bonded over dancing rueda de casino.

Here is a picture of a bag I just finished as a gift for my friend

What is the best thing you cooked recently?

Yesterday, I broke into my CSA bean stash to make chili con carne with pork belly. I also used some CSA sweet potatoes to add flavor and nutrition. You cannot beat Hatch red chile powder in chili!

What are you looking forward to?

Right now I am in the midst of comprehensive exams, so I am looking forward to getting those out of the way. I want to spend more time sewing and walking my dogs at the loop. I am also looking forward to beet season again 😋