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Time for Turkey Orders!

Believe it or not…it is time to think about ordering a turkey for Thanksgiving! Fall is most certainly here and so is the time to plan ahead for however you may choose to celebrate the holiday this year. If that will involve a turkey, then please get your order in at The CSA Shop over the next couple weeks. Our turkeys are raised, processed and delivered by Josh himself from CPR Meats. Here is what he has to say about them:

Are you dreaming of that Holiday dinner with one of our pasture raised birds? A turkey that is raised locally, processed locally, and delivered to your neighborhood. A turkey that has spent its life out in the open and foraging on our lush pastures…

You are in luck! Turkey orders are open!

Turkey Orders will require a $20 deposit. Turkeys range from 14-17 lbs and are $4.75/lb. All orders must be finalized before November 3rd. You will need to pick up your turkey from Tucson CSA at pick-up on November 16th or 17th and pay the remaining balance due at that time.