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Managing Wet Produce

Plants need water, it’s true – but monsoon rains can cause damage, make “dry” produce wet, and coat our veggies with mud. Not to worry! If you notice that your CSA produce has been affected by the wet conditions, there’s plenty you can do to clean, dry, and store it properly. If your melon, corn, cucumber, etc. has a little bit of mold on the exterior, simply wash and dry the skin before storing it. If your pantry items (potatoes, onions, garlic, etc.) are damp, dry them off with a clean towel and allow them to fully dry on the countertop before storing them in your pantry. If your produce has a layer of mud on it, wash and dry it well before storing it. If your produce has slight damage (small dents, scratches, etc.) on the exterior, cut the damaged parts away before preparing and eating. Hopefully these steps will help to keep both you and your produce healthy during this record monsoon season!